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Huel Bar Review: Pretty Nutritionally Epic!

Huel Bar Review: Pretty Nutritionally Epic!

I thought it was about time I wrote my review of the Huel Bar, since I said I would write about it on my Huel Powder Review.

I’ve been using these Huel Bars since it launched at the end of 2016, and in a nutshell, I think the bar is pretty nutritionally epic!

Huel Bar Review

What is Huel?

I’ve already covered this, so save from duplicating this, check out my general Huel Review – has a bit more about background, the company, and so on.

What’s this Huel Bar?

Basically, other than a few ingredients, a little bit of baking, and a sprinkle of nutritional magic, the Huel Bar is just Huel in bar form. Well, it’s a little more than that to be fair, and I’ll cover those differences below.

What types of Huel Bar are available?

As it’s just launched (v1.0) there is only 1 flavour available – chocolate.

It’s not the best tasting thing I have ever had, and I hope that the company develops something a little more tasty down the line, but after a few bars, you get used to the taste and very subtle flavour.

Ingredients: What’s actually in these Huel Bars?

The main ingredient in Huel Bars are oats at 20% (containing gluten, no gluten-free version available yet, sorry!).

I’ve attached a full specs list below of Huel Bars (v1.0).

Macros: 41:22:25:12

The macro split is 41:22:25:12. Which is 41% of the energy comes from carbohydrates, 22% from fats, 25% from proteins and 12% from fibre.

Suped up with fibre!

There is a massive 15.1g of fibre per Huel Bar. Make sure you have no more than 2 in any 24 hour period, otherwise you’ll be constipated like heck!

I have 2 a day if I am running, 1 just before a 10km run, and 1 just after.

With each Huel Bar, I make sure I drink a pint of water or squash at the same time. This will help keep everything moving inside.

Huel Bars are Low-FODMAP :D

Having 2 a day, I have had no problems on a Low-FODMAP diet. There’s at least 1 ingredient which contains some FODMAPs, Apple Fruit Juice Concentrate, but this seems to be in low quantities and I’ve had no issues.

If you are on the Low-FODMAP diet and want to try these, then I recommend having half a bar and seeing how you are. Then take it from there.

Loads of other benefits…

These bars are nutritionally epic, and they hold a few extra surprises, such as:

  • 15.7g protein per bar
  • 26 vitamins & minerals squeezed in
  • 100% vegetarian
  • 100% vegan
  • Source of phytonutrients

Huel Bar Pricing: How much do they cost?

Looking at the price, and as there is only 1 variable which is size, here are the current prices:

Cost Per Box

5 Bars = £12.00
16 Bars = £35.00
32 Bars = £55.00
48 Bars = £75.00
64 Bars = £95.00
80 Bars = £115.00

You can save even more by getting a recurring order, 10% extra off.

Cost Per Bar

5 Bars = £2.40
16 Bars = £2.19
32 Bars = £1.72
48 Bars = £1.56
64 Bars = £1.48
80 Bars = £1.44

If you want to save the most, it’s worthwhile getting a subscription, and ordering 80 bars at a time, this way you get the recurring order discount of 10% and the cheapest cost per bar.

If you’re just trying it out just go for 5 bars – nobody wants to be lumped with something they won’t use.

Summary: Are the Huel Bars worth it?

For the past month, I have hardly touch my Huel Powder and have just been nibbling away on Huel Bars. I guess it’s partly because I’m pretty busy and it’s so much more convienent.

I’ll definitely continue to buy these Huel Bars as they are spot on for me, my general diet and training routine.

I think they’re also proper handy to keep a box in the car for the emergency snack – no more junk food needed.

Lastly, I also take a couple of bars with me hiking, and will probably take a couple of boxes when I next go travelling. Just makes eating right that little bit easier.

All in all, as you can see in my Huel Bar review, I think these Huel Bars are amazing and would definitely recommend them!