Tsohost WordPress Step by Step Help Guide

Tsohost WordPress Review – Instant, Fast and Affordable Hosting. This is a short guide to using the WordPress CMS on Tsohost. Once you have purchased your cloud hosting from Tsohost you have to decide what, if at all, which Content Management System you will build your website around. I recommend WordPress and if you are reading this article you must be thinking of using WordPress CMS on Tsohost too – a great combination which will pay off in terms of affordability, load times and support much more than using WordPress with Godaddy, 1and1 and 123reg.

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Tsohost WordPress

One click install. Yes, it really is that simple to set up WordPress on Tsohost. After you have purchased your Tsohost hosting, registered your new domain name, and set up your account you will get your login details to the online cloud hosting control panel. The control panel will be located at control.gridhost.co.uk after you log in, you will be presented with a certain selection of options.

Setting up WordPress on Tsohost

  • Tsohost WordPress Step One: Click the ‘Add New Website’ option which is located just below the Tsohost logo in the header and in the middle of the five available options.
  • Tsohost WordPress Step Two: Enter your new domain name in to the text box. i.e. douglashunt.co.uk then press ‘Next’.
  • Tsohost WordPress Step Three: Now select what set up you want. It is recommended that you use the Linux option then click ‘Create New Site’.
  • Tsohost WordPress Step Four: You hosting is now set up for that domain. Now the next thing you need to do is install the WordPress CMS application on this set up. Scroll to the bottom of the page and under the sub-heading ‘Application Options’, click the option ‘Install Applications’.
  • Tsohost WordPress Step Five: This is where you choose to install your CMS. As you have decided on WordPress, which is the option I thoroughly recommend for the majority or websites and small online shops, you now have to just click the green ‘Install’ button next to WordPress.
  • Tsohost WordPress Step Six: Choose the correct install path. If you want to install the website on the root domain i.e. www.douglashunt.co.uk, then you do not have to enter anything and just click ‘Install Application’.
  • Tsohost WordPress Step Seven: Your new WordPress website is now installed. Scroll down and click the ‘Login’ button to reveal your Admin Username, Admin Password and the Login Url. Finished.

It is that simple to go from purchasing hosting and domain to setting up a website. To help get you started here is a 10% off hosting Tsohost Code “TENTSO”.

Alternatively use the Tsohost Code “TENTSO” or check out our Tsohost Promotional Code.