Tsohost Review

This Tsohost Review is perfect for new customers and existing customers looking to join or transfer their website to Tsohost. Tsohost is one of those rare companies that bring the personal touch to web hosting, due to the company being completely owned by all of its employees. Founded in 2003, Tsohost is a UK-based company that prides itself on outstanding support and excellent customer service.

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Having a look around the Tsohost website is a pleasure, not least because it’s uncommon to find this level of transparency with any internet-based business these days. All of the team at this company are listed individually, with a short bio and photo, and full contact details can also be easily found on the site.


What does Tsohost do?

Tsohost are essentially a web hosting company that offer cloud hosting, domain name registration and server solutions. Not only are the hosting and cloud services that the company offers robust, they also come with 24/7 support, 365 days a year, as well competitive pricing.

With the infrastructure based in a data centre just outside the capital, it connects to the Tsohost offices in London Docklands via an impressive 10 Gigabit connection. The close proximity of the offices to the data means that Tsohost can quickly deploy technical staff in the event of network failures.

This contrasts with many data centres, which can be in a completely different country than the main office. The UK-based data centre also provides peace of mind that the services offered to customers are fully compliant with UK data laws and security requirements.

Cloud hosting

The concept of the cloud is something that’s been a major technology buzzword for the last couple of years. Cloud hosting allows virtual servers to be used so that customers can be allocated web resources automatically, as they essentially have their own virtual server.

Traditional hosting solutions tend to offer unlimited resources, but often, this is a promise that can’t be kept and businesses find their website suspended due to an overuse of resources, such as CPU usage and disk space.

For many business users, this can be a very costly inconvenience, but with cloud hosting this is avoided as more resources can be allocated, allowing sites to be displayed and navigated very quickly.

Cloud hosting prices:

Lite Hosting starts from £14.99 annually and includes 500MB hosted space, 5GB monthly traffic, 2 hosted websites and is available as a Linux installation only.

Standard Hosting is just £2.99 per month, with 2.5GB hosted space, allowing 4 hosted websites and available for both Linux and Windows.

Pro Hosting starts at £4.99 per month and offers 10GB hosted space, with 150GB of monthly traffic, 6 websites, a free domain and Linux and Windows platforms.

Ultimate Hosting gives 100GB of space, with 1000GB of monthly traffic, 100 sites, a free domain and can be used on Windows or Linux platforms, all for £19.99 per month. This hosting package is also described as being “infinitely scalable” by Tsohost.

What other services do Tsohost offer?

The company offer virtual dedicated servers (VDS) for larger websites under a variety of price plans. VDS uses high-end hardware, coupled with virtualisation software based in a data centre.

Without getting really technical, VDS run on powerful physical server clusters and give the fastest delivery and uptime. These can be used to deliver applications to businesses via the web and like all virtual computing models, offer significant cost savings, especially to the small business.

Prices for VDS start at £39.99 per month

Tsohost also offer domain name purchases and registration, along with some further extras that can be added to individual accounts.

Overall, the company offers some great services at pretty good prices. Not only do they offer the latest in server and cloud technology, but their customer testimonials are excellent, as are third-party reviews from a number of websites. In fact, out of hundreds of online reviews, I only managed to find one negative, pretty good going. Tsohost Review.